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43/13th Batch Testimonials

Its 2 years since I graduated from B School. The last few weeks of the B School become busy with a plethora of things to attend to, like placements, wing parties, trips to Sikkim, last few visits to Oly Pub and last but not the least writing testimonials for your friends and wingies, hoping they will appear in the Batch Yearbook. I had written quite a few of these testimonials for my friends, though none of them appeared in the Yearbook, thus reaffirming my writing credentials and ability. But what the hell, I have my own blog now and so I can post some of the testimonials I had written back then. For non 43/13 junta, you can safely give this a miss.

Sudhir Sriram
He goes by many names, few being SuSri and Sri Adhikari Brother and others which should not be mentioned here. He is the guy who needed 4 visas to go to France, but once he arrived, there was no stopping him. Certain people in Lucknow and Poland would be glad to testify for that. It was great knowing him more in 2nd Year in IIM C and in Reims and one thing I will miss when I leave this place is the PJ and bakar sessions that we had and which few of our wingies appreciated. His friendship is precious to me not only because he is one gem of a person but also because he is one of the few persons who appreciates my jokes.

Self composed testimonial of Sudhir: This person truly embodies the core values of an individual who had moved up the value chain.The paradigm shifts he caused in the dynamically changing campus environment had led to the re-orientation of goals and visions of the institutional frameworks.The deep insights that have been developed due to my interactions with him truly qualify him as a future visionary global leader.He has effectively conquered team dynamics and given moral support during team presentations(Free Rider)

Sugato Dutta
Sugiyama, another member of the growing bulge of bongs at IIM Calcutta. He says he has an natural disliking for fin subjects, but when it comes to maximising ROI, there is no one beating him. He spends more time in Anirban's bed than in his wing. For one week in Term III he impersonated Safal Batra, much to my chagrin. Anyways a real cool guy and never really bothered about following the herd. Open a restaurant soon and give me lot of free coupons.

Menongitis is brain fever redefined. Never argue with the Menon is something that I have learnt in my two years in Sandazz. He has off late starting giving me some credit for sports quizzing which has come as a huge surprise to me. He is the funniest guy in Joka and you can always bet on him to come up with the smartassest of comments and the funniest of one liners, one of the legendary ones being the Lead India Interview joke on Pawar (whether Sharad or Romesh no one is actually sure). He has lately been winning lot of prizes and so people have been investigating his dietary secrets. I have even knicked food stuff from his room in the hope of getting lucky.

Rambo, Pseude Anna and what not of various names and fames which are best not mentioned here. Whatever I am writing here is based on my impressions of him in the first year as I think he has changed hostels in the 2nd year but no one in NH is actually quite sure about that. My first impressions of him remain his Jumping Jack JeetuJi Act while presenting some case. In general he is capable of infinite globe about anything under the sun and hence I always tried to be in his marketing groups. Its sad that I rarely get to meet him these days; there is greater probability of finding him strolling the campus with his better half (or is it halves, that I do not know) than in the hostel. A nice guy by heart who stole my Term Paper with BBC after I presented his case to the prof. Jokes apart, a really great guy whom I wish all the best in the future at HydroChloric Acid Technologies. Stay in touch and have a blast.

Tonushree Goel, she is one of my few female friends at IIM Calcutta. A real fighter to the core and always pursuing perfection, she gets frustrated by other people s incompetencies. But sometimes she should really chill and play it cool. She is frank and really takes no prisoners when it comes to the important stuff in life. She helped me a lot during my CV making; after her comments my CV was more like a few black spots in a see of red and I was like staring at it in shock for a few minutes. But anyways this testimonial is about her and so without meandering any further, I would like to wish her all the best for her future professional and personal endeavors. It was really great knowing you for the last 2 years and hope to stay in touch with you for aeons to come.
PS: Thanks for appreciating my jokes; you are one of the few people in the world apart from Sudhir perhaps, who understands my jokes. Lately she has also taken a liking for burning down campus infrastructure.

Rancho is the has been IBanker and would be consultant of our wing and has been living out of a suitcase for 7 years now. He is a very simple guy with very basic needs in life namely cornflakes, milk, orange juice, coke, Youtube and Hull and FRM Books and not necessarily in that order. He is the fin stud and RiskMan stud of our campus and people from far and wide come for his crashers. We had great fun in Reims and in Europe where the European students mistook him for a Pakistani named Rashid and were amazed by his studapa in acads and his awesome presentations. He even topped the marketing courses there just to prove his all round knowledge of the various functional areas of management education. May you retain your simplicity in life and inculcate an appreciation for my jokes.

IT is the chillest guy in campus; nothing bothers him man. Spending time with him in New York City was awesome. He really opened my eyes to enjoying life and not getting flustered by stuff. From taking on our landlord in his own territory, to running 7 laps of the campus, to not giving 2 hoots to the system, IT is unmatchable in whatever he does. I wish I could ever be as cool and nonchalant as him. I am glad that had the opportunity to spend time with a person like him during our Bloomberg days.

Urmila, the girl with really cool tattoo and star of the IIMC-XL meet. She really shot into prominence with her time keeping work in VidJha s classes when with one thump of the desk she scared the hell out of people, even the ones presenting the case. Those section C days were really amazing. It was awesome fun playing messenger between you and Harmonic Series in the last few days though I do not think you really appreciated it all that much. I hope you like the book that I made him present you. It was great knowing you these 2 years at IIMC and stay in touch for the future although I would appreciate if you could appreciate my jokes a bit more.
PS: Now I really want that green book and yeah, no new messages.

Is he an Arithmetic Series or a Geometric Series; wrong question, he is actually a Harmonic Sheries as he sings so well. He is the voice of IIM Calcutta and he along with Tanmoy took our college band to a new level with original compositions. Really enjoyed attending the JBS sessions in Sandazz. He is a great TT player who I always aspire to beat but have not managed till date. He is the hero of the campus and serenaded his way into the hearts of females and males (ask Sood) of all ages. Hope he achieves his dream of becoming a playback singer and makes all IIMCians proud.

Paula, our resident World Cinema connoisseur and food expert is the favorite among DCM girls. The fact that he has never formed a DCM project group with guys in a college with 90% males just proves his immense Anil Kapoor like popularity amongst the fairer sex of IIMC. He is the guy who set up the Esoteric Movie Club in our college and who knows all the restaurants in Kolkata and perhaps the only NH resident who does not buy from Kotler s shop. I seriously hope that he sets up a very successful restaurant chain in the future with his playtime bedmate SugiYama.


Blogger Abhishek Ghosh said...

Hye writer ... its smooth and funny as usual ....

And we want more to come ...!

May 17, 2010 at 8:59 AM  
Blogger Abhishek Ghosh said...

Hey writer.... nice one as usual ... we want more to come :)

May 17, 2010 at 8:59 AM  

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