Friday, November 19, 2010

Status update

I have not been writing for a long time now and this is going to be a really short post. This is more of a desperate attempt to remain relevant in the social network, which other people find much easier ways to achieve, either by liking the fact that certain individuals have found "lou" or by questioning/commenting/debating on the efficacy of Indian superman and/or streaker videos.

I have been in Gujarat on work for quite a while now and before writing anything else, I would like to bust the myth of the "Kudi Gujarat Ki" propagated once upon a time by the pop-singer Jasbir Jassi. The hot "Kudis" just do not exist and are nowhere to be seen, be it the cinema halls, the malls, the pubs, I mean the cool drink bars. In Gujarat I have been traveling quite a bit, going to places like Dahej/Bharuch/Vapi, places which I had read about in many a consulting report as places driving India's GDP growth and had hoped I would never have to visit. I already have too much personal growth that I need to deal with. These places, for the lack of a better word in my vocabulary, truly suck and so my evenings are spent within the confines of my hotel room watching television and ordering chicken sandwich and milk shakes from the room service.

My evenings spent watching TV have enabled me to discover the beauty of the great television show, Big Boss 4. The characters are just so amazing and do such daft things, that it makes me feel less of a loser in life. Initially I was in a dilemma about whether to watch KBC or Big Boss at 9pm every evening. But this last week has definitely tilted the balance in favour of Big Boss, from Pamela Anderson's guest appearance, Dollyji's educative exposition on Hindi gaalis, to the simmering romantic overtures between Sameer Soni and Shweta Tiwari, all this have made a fan of the show. I regret that I have missed so much of the last 3 seasons; maybe like Friends, there will be re-runs or DVDs in the near future.

Of all the characters, I feel very sorry for Pamela Anderson; poor girl, her luggage must have got lost during her flight journey to India and so she had to wear bedsheets for most of the time during her stay in Big Boss' house. She must have traveled British Airways to India and I can fully empathize with her. Even my luggage was misplaced by the buffoons at Heathrow. The fact that no one welcomed me with open arms or even bedsheets when I landed in Pam's country truly shows how welcoming we are to our guests and that after Draupadi, no woman can be "vastra haran"-ed in our nation.

PS: I hope that with this post I can connect to regular followers of Big Boss and discuss with them my opinions and views. My efforts to find like minded people in my social network have proven to be quite unsuccessful till now.